Private Bodywork


GayleForce massages reach further inside

Bodywork from certified therapist Gayle Stephens is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. A perceptive and empathetic massage professional with an intuitive understanding of her clients’ needs, Gayle offers sessions that are both healing and transformative.

“She has the ‘magic touch’ and really understands how to connect with her clients.”

Gayle’s training and philosophy are shaped by an athletic background and extensive study in Tibetan Buddhist meditation and healing practices. She’s an expert in reflexology, trigger point therapy, cranial sacral therapy and pregnancy massage, and is a practitioner of somatics, through which the body heals from within.

“I feel positive health benefits for weeks after a massage.”

Her 20 years of experience and her ability to connect instinctively enable her to perform sessions that leave her clients feeling physically better, and emotionally and spiritually refreshed. Many clients report that, after a session, they move easier, have a brighter attitude and feel more compassion toward themselves.

“Gayle intuitively knows where you need the most work.”

Gayle’s clients include:

  • athletes, runners, cyclists and Pilates participants—people who are attuned to their bodies and invest in flexibility and well-being
  • people with health concerns: chronic pain, age, stress, migraines, work-related issues—they’re seeking pain reduction or relief
  • referrals from acupuncturists, yoga instructors, psychotherapists—they’re seeking ways to heal the body, mind and spirit

“One massage with Gayle and I guarantee you’ll be back for more.”

“Many of our bodywork clients are in some type of transformation,” Gayle notes. “They’re healing from physical or emotional injuries, or seeking to embark on a new course. That’s why we make every session as individual as the person.”

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Private bodywork rates

We offer reduced rates when you purchase a three- or ten-session package.

One-hour session
  • $115 — one session
  • $330 — three sessions
  • $1000 — ten sessions
90-minute session
  • $155 — one session
  • $435 — three sessions
  • $1400 — ten sessions
Two-hour session
  • $200 — one session

Home visits available. Click here for more information.

Payment methods accepted:

Cash, check, credit/debit card, HSA debit cards

Gayle has the skills and capacity to consider me as a person, rather than solely as body parts and muscle. She notices what is happening and how my body is responding to her touch. I see her every chance I get.

Laura Lund
Senior Staff Development Specialist and Somatic Educator
Conjunctio, Berkely, CA

Gayle intuitively knows where you need the most work. She’s a master at what she does. I highly recommend her!

Ryan Barrett
Account Director
closerlook, Inc., Chicago

I have had countless massages in my day; but Gayle’s massage techniques deliver pure relaxation and leave me feeling like a new woman. If you’re tired of going from one massage therapist to the next, always leaving unsatisfied—look no further.

Krista Lembesis
Director of Recruitment
Instinxt Consulting Group, Chicago

Gayle has a relaxing personality and professional approach that make her massage sessions extremely satisfying.

Lara Weber
Producer of “Chicago Live!”
Tribune Media Group, Chicago

Gayle has a healing approach that she customizes to the needs of each individual. I feel benefits for weeks after a massage.

Tade Howieson
East Coast Operations Manager,
Altour Travel Services, Chicago

Gayle provides a level of services far beyond what is typical.

Linda Nitzsche
Independent Representative,
Silpada Designs, Chicago

A Gayle massage leaves you feeling transcendent.

John Rausch
Creative Guru, Chicago